Platform tennis is growing in Colorado and it's an exciting time to be involved in the paddle community!  The CPTA works closely with the American Platform Tennis Association (APTA) to govern the sport, grow participation, and improve all aspects of the game.  Platform tennis in Colorado and nationally is mirroring the organization structure of the USTA with membership required to participate in tournaments, leagues and events.

This email is designed to educate all players on the TWO major changes and initiatives for the 2019/2020 season:

(1) CPTA membership or a one-time tournament fee will be required in ALL divisions (Open, B & C) for the 3 major tournaments (State Open, Mixed Open, Arapahoe Open) and most of the other tournaments in the state.  Tournaments in Colorado are now sanctioned by the APTA and will be managed using the APTA's website and software.


(2) The Platform Tennis Index (PTI) is a new gender free rating system from 0 (best) to 80 (beginner), similar to a golf handicap.  Players, league administrators, tournament directors, and teaching pros will find the PTI to be a valuable tool for the sport.  In Colorado, there will be three types of matches that count towards a player's PTI...(1) tournaments, (2) Rocky Mountain Paddle League (RMPL) matches, and (3) in-house leagues.  

The CPTA will be ready to release players' PTI to all members shortly after the Colorado State Open.  

CPTA MEMBERSHIP is $70 per player per season. CLICK HERE to become a member.  


Benefits of the CPTA include:

  • Automatic membership with the APTA

  • Play in ALL national and local tournaments

  • Receive a PTI

  • Play in the RMPL

  • Attend CPTA socials and special events

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